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Enjoy over 60 Casino GamesWelcome to easy gambling.com's guide to online gambling. Our intent is to present the world of online gambling to you in an honest light (which may be a refreshing surprise), and show you how easy it is to find some fun online.

The world of online gambling is full of two types of players, and unfortunately they are usually one of two extreme. There are the people so paranoid about security that they couldn't dream of trusting an online casino with their personal information, and then there are the people who aren't paranoid enough about security and give out their information to quickly, without checking the casino out first. Both of these extremes harbor good qualities, but a balance between the two is where the most informed people usually camp out.

So is this to say that security is the only variable worth considering when considering gambling online? Not at all, but I do hope to make the point that proven security is a necessary attribute of any casino you choose to play at. Lets clear up any confusion here first. Yes it is safe to put your credit card number in a form online, if you trust the company you're dealing with. When it's not safe is when you don't check out the casino ahead of time. Look on message boards and similar places for things people have said about them. You'll soon find that bad casinos are talked about more than good casinos. But don't let this be your only factor in determining a place to play, many large casinos have had problems in the past with bonus abuse, but you can be pretty sure if a casino has been around for four or five years they are doing something right.

I may be a bit on the conservative side, but I'm still weary of the online casinos out there that don't require a download to play. Most online gambling sites will require that you download and install their software (or combo the processes by using Microsoft's 'install from web' feature) before going through the proper sign up process. After downloading the gambling software, you will have to install it as you would any other piece of software. Some online casinos make you input your personal information at this point, while others wait until the casino has fully installed and is run for the first time.

It's not unusual, upon starting up the software for the first time, to be presented with the choice to play for real money, or to play for free. Some casinos only offer limited versions of their games for free play, try to find one that offers unlimited free play, so you can practice on the games that are exactly the same ones you play for real money.

The sign up process may seem a little more involved than you would like it to be when you choose to play for real money, but keep in mind these web sites are trying to establish a relationship of trust with you. When people want to gamble online for real money, it only makes sense that you will have to give the casino your mailing address, in case you win. How else would they mail you a check? Beyond you having to trust the casino though, the casino has to trust you. Many, many instances of online casino patrons abusing the bonus offers made available have made the casinos just as weary of you as you are of them. Put in the correct information here, obviously, or you just might hit a jackpot and then not see a cent of it. Actually getting paid for a win will only happen if you've been up-front in the sign up form.

Even before you finish signing up (because hey, giving up my credit info isn't something I do lightly, and neither should you) you should give the casino you're trying out a friendly phone call. If the casino doesn't have a toll free number for you, umm, consider a different casino! This first phone call is pretty important; not only should you get the details of the sign up bonus they are offering (sure you should be taking advantage of a sign up bonus, it's free cash!), which is important to understand, but you can also get a good sense of the level of customer service. If the casino's customer service appears good, you can have a little more faith in the casino as a whole.

Take the phone call as an opportunity to get some more bang for your buck. Often, much like in a land based casino, asking a few questions when gambling online might get you something extra. Simply start out by getting the details on their sign up bonus, then ask if there is anything more they can offer you. Tell them you've downloaded the software, but haven't signed up and deposited yet. Don't overdo it though, you don't want them to think you are a bonus hunter, then they wont like you very much and wont do anything extra for you. Getting on the phone with a casino you're used to playing at can also be a good thing. Online gambling establishments can naturally track your play in the same way a regular casino can when you are part of their slots club. This means if you play at a particular casino a fair amount, you might be able to get on the phone with a 'pitboss' and get yourself a comp of come kind. No it wont be a free meal, but it might be a nice cash deposit in your account!

See? Online gambling isn't that tough! All you need is a little introduction to the concept, and you're on your way! Try visiting any of the casinos advertised on this site, and you shouldn't have any trouble getting started. If you do though, be sure to , unless of course the casino's customer service would be more appropriate.

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